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We assist buyers and sellers with Memphis investment property and can help you buy or sell your family home, or provide strategic guidance to develop your real estate property investment portfolio.

Real estate investing in the Memphis area.

We specialize in helping clients with buying, selling, and investing in Memphis real estate. Our team of experienced agents are familiar with the Memphis market and can help you find the perfect property or investment opportunity.

Front view of a fairly typical example of the investment rental property available in Memphis, TN.

Cash flow. Simplified.

Our real estate sales team can help you understand cash flow and the ease of real estate investing in the Memphis area. We have assisted investors in the acquisition of hundreds of houses, assisted buyers in locating and evaluating potential rental property, and have helped many real estate investors sell their rental property to another investor we work with, often while the house remains rented and cash flowing.

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We help you purchase functional & cash flowing rental property.

What should I expect when buying Memphis investment real estate?

Front view of a Bartlett, TN rental home located at 2579 Richwood St. is a renovation project completed recently in the Bartlett Meadows subdivision.
  • Let us know who YOU are and what your goals are for acquiring real estate in the Memphis area?
  • Let us tell you about our team, how we came to be and what we do and have done to assist Investors acquire profitable investment properties.
  • Tell us more about your personal investment strategy:
  1. What is your budget for acquiring property?
  2. Do you anticipate buying multiple properties?
  3. How much do you want to spend per property?
  4. Would you be interested in properties sold as a package?

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Speak with us today about how we can help you get started with real estate investments.

Real Estate Investment Podcast.

Join us as we go beyond the glossy brochures and promises of quick riches, as we discuss the challenges, risks, and potential pitfalls alongside the rewards of investing in property. Listen in and subscribe to our real estate podcast where we explore the reality of real estate investing.

Maximize Profits with Airbnb Short-Term and Midterm Rentals Tips

In this episode Aaron and Richard dive into the lucrative world of short-term rentals, focusing on popular platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. As more people explore the benefits of renting out furnished homes for short-term stays, Aaron and Richard discuss current trends, challenges, and strategies for success. Whether you’re an investor looking to maximize profits or just curious about the short-term rental market, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate and thrive in this dynamic sector.

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Real Estate Investment Podcast - Behind The Curtain
If Enterprise Property Management, Inc. has been managing the house you are looking to buy or sell as an investment property, it will naturally have years of repair and maintenance records for buyers to see before purchasing. EPM also retains extensive data on property rental values and trends.

Have you already discovered a property which has caught your eye?

Why not begin by telling us your goals, hopes, and fears. Tell us everything - we have the time to listen and care to understand all your goals. Here are a few pointers to get things rolling.

Begin the conversation. Get to know us!

We will encourage you to get to know our property management company and its Principal Broker, Aaron Ivey. Speak to him independently, as he and his team hope to be your long term partners for successful property management! You can bounce your purchase ideas off of him, and he can advise on your strategy as well! Aaron is personable and speaks with anyone who asks! You do not have to have a management agreement with Aaron to have a great and insightful chat with him. He enjoys speaking to investors to help them to get a clearer picture of how they can become as much of a success as the hundreds of other investors Aaron has managed since 2001. 

Building a plan within your budget

We will want to share with you our opinion of your strategy, your ideas, your budget and relay to you some success stories of investors, just like you, who have worked with us and how they worked within our processes to find success in both purchasing and managing property. 

Evaluation with industry tools and technology

When you are ready our Realtors® will use proven Realtor® tools, not just Zillow, to help you FIND, EVALUATE, MAKE OFFER, PROCESS and CLOSE on the property(s) of your choice. Our Realtors® use Realtor® ONLY tools called RPR and Paragon to assist you in finding houses that meet your criteria. These tools are developed for Realtors® to assist professionals to make the best and most accurate decisions for buyers. 


We are here to help you get the best understanding and direction during your discovery and acquisition phase, your contract phase, transition to property management and long term investment management and advice.

Buy Rental Property. Sell Rental Property. Manage Rental Property.

Full Sales & Management 1-Stop Service

  • Full relationship management between Seller, Buyer, and Tenant.
  • Sales and Management serve under the same roof, so there should be very little room for error!
  • Offers come from financially qualified and more investment focused buyers.
  • Extensive history log of the property including: maintenance performed at the property, lease status, and of current cashflow.
  • Fully Inspected & Vetted Properties
  • Simplify Real Estate Acquisition
  • Managed & Tenant Occupied

Buy, Sell & Manage Rental Property.

Enterprise Property Management manages rental property throughout Memphis and its surrounding areas. Our 1-stop team can help you ensure a seamless transition from the purchase of rental property into management and additionally with the sale of existing managed properties from seller to investor purchaser.

Buying for the rental market?

Find out why rental property owners choose us to manage their Memphis area real estate investments.

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