Property Management Fees

Property management fees including leasing fees, lease renewals, tenant evictions, property inspections, and property marketing.

10% Property Management Fee

This 10% property management fee is an ongoing monthly fee charged to the owner to compensate the property manager for the responsibilities of overseeing the management of their property. All property management companies charge this fee.

Lease Renewal Fee
$250 Single Family / $199 Duplex (per unit)

This fee of $250 for single family homes and $199 per unit for duplexes is charged when a property manager renews a current tenants lease and covers the costs of initiating paperwork or communication needed to implement the new lease agreement.

$25 Vacant Weekly Advertising & Marketing Fee

This fee is billable when your property is vacant and EPM typically has a very low “days on market” of approximately 25 days. In many cases we are able to rent your property before it is vacant, in which case this fee would not apply. The Advertising & Marketing Fee is a fee to place the property on the Zillow Rentals paid program, including,, Hotpads and many more partner sites. In addition, EPM partners with a digital marketing company that utilizes proven marketing techniques, giving your home the broadest and most dynamic marketing coverage possible.

Leasing Fee from $695

Our leasing fee is $695.00 OR 50% of first month’s rent; whichever is greater. This covers compensation for the initial time invested and resources used in setting up an owners account, showing property and/or other activities resulting in tenant placement. This fee is a one-time fee each time we place a new tenant in your home.

$250 Maintenance Escrow

The $250 operating reserve is homeowner money held in escrow for necessary repairs or emergencies that may arise. This gives you the peace of mind that maintenance issues will be dealt with immediately, which in many cases helps to minimize the overall expense by preventing delays of the initial repairs.

$99 Property Management Transfer Fee

There is a $99 fee for transferring the management of occupied/leased properties to EPM or $199 for origination of NEW EPM lease to be signed the tenant, since the latter would be the entire lease signing process. Each option includes an in depth inspection along with advice on each property, PLUS official lease assignment contract signed with current resident, as recommended by law.

Á La Carte Property Management Services

The following management services are add-on options for properties managed by Enterprise Property Management, Inc.

$85 Property Inspection Program (per inspection)

Our interval inspection program is available for $85.00 per inspection. You may choose to perform up to 3 inspections each year that include an in depth inspection with pictures along with maintenance advice from the property inspector.

Notes regarding our property management fees:
  ➀ Property management percentage rate of 9% applies with management of 5 or more units.
➁ Lease renewal rate is $595 with management of 5 or more units.
➂ This advertising and marketing fee will only be charged when the property is rent-ready/vacant for a period of no more than twelve (12) weeks.
➃ 50% leasing fee will not exceed $995.

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