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Residential property management company providing management services throughout Memphis TN, Shelby, Fayette & Tipton Counties.

Honest. Efficient. Property Management.

We offer an honest and candid assessment of your property’s rental potential and what to expect from our property management services.

24/7 online owner account access.

Below industry average vacancy rate.

Management of homes in Shelby, Fayette & Tipton counties, Tennessee.

Quarterly home inspections.

Eviction process management.

Extensive online marketing & property syndication.

Clear & non-misleading property profiles with HQ photos.

2 full time Realtors.

2 full time property managers.

2 leasing specialists.

Whether you live inside or outside the United States, Enterprise Property Management can help you manage your Memphis area real estate investments. We specialize in managing properties for out of state and International homeowners.

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We would love to chat with you about your situation and how we could help you with property management services. Even if we end up not working together, we are happy to speak with you and offer our assessment to help you succeed.

Customer Service

It all begins with industry-leading customer service. Enterprise Property Management believes that you should be connecting with a human at all times. We have a phenomenal team of customer service staff waiting to help you! In the rare case you leave a voicemail, we will endeavor to return your call during the same day.

Tenant Screening

Screening potential tenants is an important step in the rental process. We make it easy for you by conducting a credit and background check on every applicant. A background check can reveal any criminal history, eviction records, or other red flags that could indicate the tenant may not be a good fit for your property. By conducting these checks, our property managers can help you make informed decisions about who you rent to and reduce the risk of problems.

Property Marketing is the central engine for advertising your property and rental listings are updated by our staff multiple times a day.  EPM works directly with a marketing agency with a specialized approach to digital marketing, allowing us to keep up to date with any market changes and to adjust our advertising purchase decisions accordingly. We source new tenants by syndicating property information with other online rental search sites.

Rental Comps

Our friendly staff will work with you and will offer an honest and candid assessment of your Memphis area property’s rental potential. We will provide a realistic review of what you could expect from our property management services. Whether you live in Memphis or the other side of the world, Enterprise Property Management can help you manage your rental property. Enterprise Property Management is well established in Memphis and we believe our reputation speaks for itself.

Property Inspections

Our property inspection program provides early diagnosis of potential issues with your property, before they become a costly problem. Regular inspections helps to maintain the value of your property, gives you an "eyes on" view, and helps to attract and retain high-quality tenants.

Rent Collection

Receive monthly rent payments in a timely manner. We handle the billing and collection of rent for you, with your earnings deposited directly to your bank account.

Property Maintenance

Tenants may report maintenance issues 24/7. We take care of all maintenance and repair requests for your property and our list of trusted vendors allows us to quickly assess and respond to any maintenance or repair issues our residents report.

Tenant Evictions

Our processes for screening tenants are very thorough and you, as the home owner, always have a say in whether an applicant should be approved. Unfortunately, there are times when an eviction process is necessary due to non-payment, illegal activity, or other breaches of the lease agreement. EPM manages the whole eviction process from start to finish. 

Financial Reporting & Accounts

Enterprise Property Management offers financial services and reporting to facilitate your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation. Checking up on your property is as easy as logging in to your account dashboard available 24/7. You will find reporting of earnings and expenses, documents, tickets, and many aspects of management of your property.

Regulations & Compliance

Traversing the legal system can be challenging at the best of times, sometimes leading to legal or financial consequences. Our diligent efforts aim to ensure that your property remains in compliance and we are here to guide you away from becoming caught in the cogs of law. 

Finding Great Tenants

Finding great tenants begins with great marketing.

Rental Listings Website

Our leasing site located at is the central engine for advertising your property. It attracts a huge volume of prospective tenants and is the core to which all other advertising media refers. It allows prospective tenants to search by location, home size, rent range, and more.

Each property listing shows pertinent information about the property, including a description, photos of the interior and exterior of the property, a map of its location, and the ability to request an appointment online. This website is updated by our office staff multiple times a day, and offers a downloadable version of our tenant application, a sample lease agreement, and a link to our policies and requirements.

Screenshot of the website, which is our rental listings website.

Our Dedicated Marketing Team

EPM works directly with a third-party marketing agency. Their specialized approach to online marketing allows us to keep up to date with any market changes and to adjust our advertising purchase decisions accordingly in order to generate the greatest return on your marketing investment. The behavior of website users is monitored on an ongoing basis to identify trends that help us improve the overall user experience. EPM is proudly positioned in top 10 search results on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing for common search phrases used to find rental properties, and experience more than 90% of all new tenants originating from the Internet.

Rental Search Sites

All our properties are syndicated to 30+ websites through Tenant Turner, a leader in rental property listing syndication. Sites such as,,, and many more!

Easy Property Showings

Automated Showings

Automated showings through Tenant Turner allows anyone at any time to view any property approved for the electronic lock box program. This makes leasing faster and more efficient, as viewers can view certain properties at anytime while the sun is up!

Online Appointment Scheduling

Potential tenants can schedule showings through Tenant Turner at any time. to schedule a showing for an EPM property. Anyone who wishes to schedule a viewing without speaking to a live person may do so at anytime.

Community Presence

As part of the management of your property, EPM will be out in the neighborhoods on a regular basis to show houses and to be sure that current tenants are caring for your property. Our fleet of company vehicles sports the Enterprise Property Management, Inc brand, contact information, and even has QR codes that allow smartphone users to quickly scan and visit our website.

Enterprise Property Management, Inc. Maintenance Van: Side shot of EPM's branded maintenance van.

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