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Arlington has become the area’s hottest housing market for our renters, and it is often difficult for Enterprise to keep rental properties on the market. Arlington has been maintained a small quiet rural Town for more than two centuries but has doubled in size in the last 10 years, due to its position on the map. Arlington is the last point in using Shelby County east, as one heads to Nashville on Interstate 40. Arlington is a fairly exclusive community because of the cost of housing, and has great schools.

Arlington Rental Prices

You’ll find most homes in Arlington renting for a minimum price of $1100.00, up to $1500.00. Many people move to Arlington because of the schools and great community feel. Quite a few people choose Arlington because their employment often asks for them to travel eastward to Nashville. Regardless of the why, Arlington, is growing to become the largest and best kept community in the county.

Arlington, TN Schools

At least two of the schools in Arlington have been constructed in the last 15 years. The families attending the schools in Arlington are incredibly loyal and would consider Arlington schools to be some of the best public education in the county.

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